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Mommy & Baby's Journal

Updated: Jun 19

This beautiful foreword about Mommy & Baby's Journal was written by Nancy Campbell from Above Rubies.

What a beautiful treasure you hold in your hands. Yes, I am talking about this book, although your own precious baby is the greatest treasure of all. Your heart will stir with emotions of love and joy as you admire the beautiful pictures and read the prayers and thoughts about your baby growing in your womb.

Truly, there is no greater feat you can do as a woman than to cooperate with God to bring forth a life destined by God from before time began. God is the Life-giver and as you embrace life, you become a life-giver—a life-giver to the world and eternity. Your baby is an eternal soul. Your nurturing, teaching, and training of this child, and the other children God gives to you, is an eternal work. It won’t be left behind as other careers.

I loved reading the words of Joanie Stahl in this book: “The greatest thing you will ever do in your life is to be a part of the creative act of God by giving birth to a brand new, refreshing, sweet life. It is the greatest privilege and glorious honor ever bestowed upon women. I now look at my children and tell them, ‘You’re the best thing I ever did.’”

Psalm 139 is quoted frequently in this book, the beautiful passage of how God creates a baby in the womb. Two of the adjectives God uses are “wonderful” and “marvelous.” We only realize the full extent of these words when we check the original Hebrew.

The word “wonderful” is “palah” and means “to be distinguished, to put a difference between, separate, set apart, sever, marvelous.”

Your precious baby is a totally new creation. There has never been anyone like your baby in the history of the world and there will never be another child like this one in the future. How amazing. The word “marvelous” is “pala” and means “extraordinary, wonderful, miraculous, astonishing, hard, or difficult. It is the revelation of God doing things beyond the bounds of human powers or expectations.” Yes, it is wonderful.

God creates the baby separately from the mother. You have a unique and special creation growing inside of you. Your baby’s blood type may be different from yours. Your baby’s genetic code is distinctly different. Your baby has a separate circulatory, nervous and endocrine system. He is part of you, but not you. He or she is a totally new creation.

I love the words of Dr. Mike Bagwell: “Every little baby born into the world is a DESIGNER CHILD! A MASTERPIECE! A unique work of God.” Another writer calls the baby “A never-to-be reduplicated human being.”

Think of all the amazing things that have happened, are happening, and will happen in this world—the remarkable inventions, the amazing feats both intellectually and physically, the astounding advancements, and the brilliant discoveries. None of this happens on its own. Every single one happens through a person. And that person comes through the womb.

Without the womb of the mother, NOTHING happens in this world. It all comes to a halt. Can you grasp this dear mother? All the GREAT THINGS that take place in the world happen because of a mother’s womb. You are privileged beyond measure to take part in the destiny of your nation, the world, and eternity as you bring forth life from your womb.

Blessings, Beloved of God

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