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About Me


  •  I live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada

  • I am the mother of four beautiful children

  • I have  a Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta

  • Have a Master of Religious Education from the Canadian Baptist Seminary  in Cochrane, Alberta

  • Taught in Canada and China

  • Was a Chaplain and Volunteer Disaster Relief Worker with Samaritan's Purse

  • Took a Grief Following Trauma Course

  • Assisting Individuals in Crisis Course

  • Group Crisis Intervention Course

  •  Was a Pastoral Assistant

  • Was a Children's Church Leader

  • Was a Youth Leader

  •  Have been a Counsellor in camp and church settings 

  • Was a Certified Tour Manager from the Rockies to the Pacific

  • Was a short-term missionary to Haiti, Uganda, Belize, China, Thailand, the Ghetto in NYC, Mexico, Greece, Eastern Europe, and Canada

  • Volunteer in Israel​

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Adventures With God

I love God adventures.

Here are a few examples...

  • Praying with a voodoo queen in Haiti

  • Leading a dying woman to Jesus in a shack in the jungle in Belize

  • Giving Arabic Bibles in Thailand to Muslims

  • Taking food and clothing behind the Iron Curtain after Chernobyl  nuclear disaster

  • Sharing Jesus with an elderly couple in Mexico City while an earthquake  rumbled the ground beneath my feet

  • Teaching English to Muslim immigrants in Greece

  • Rescuing a street girl in Uganda

  • Leading a Bible study in China

  • These are just some of the amazing adventures God has led me on.

  • I have written my life story in A Life Set Free. It is a story of my healing from abandonment and brokenness -- to seeing the beauty of God's power through a  life surrendered to God. Click here to order A Life Set Free.

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My Author Story

I am a curious author who loves exploring different themes and motifs. As part of my writing process, I love immersing myself in my projects—diving into the research, culture, production, and fine-tuning of the stories I feel are most worthy of telling. For example, writing three historical fiction romance novels led to an extensive study of the Oregon Trail so I learned so much it seems like I've been there. It's amazing when a character I write about feels so real you almost expect them to walk into the room. 



Overcoming Obstacles In Life

with Carol Graham


A Life Set Free - Healing, Hope, God's Amazing Protection and Faithfulness  

with Tony Koretz from A Minute to Midnite

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What Lies Ahead

I am excited about the women who will be transformed, encouraged, and blessed by Broken to Beautiful. Creating this course changed me ~ it took me out of a sad, dark place and brought me into a beautiful place of peace and trusting God more ~ so I'm looking forward to seeing what He will do in other's  lives. 

Currently, I am working on two books. Abandoned to Adored is a book that follows Abi's journey from the orphan train to a life more amazing than she could ever have imagined. Beauty for Ashes, is Rose's story. Although difficult to write, it tells the story of a woman’s betrayal and her path to healing. It is a narrative I feel compelled to write as I believe it will resonate with and encourage many readers.

Following God has been such an incredible adventure I'm excited to see His plans unfold.

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