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Convergence-A Window Into Eternity

Updated: Jun 19

Convergence-A Window Into Eternity, Book 3 in The Narrow Path Trilogy, is about an apocalyptic world foretold thousands of years ago. My favourite chapter is The Bride Price. It describes what Jesus paid for our freedom. Of course I cried as I wrote it. Such amazing love. The price He paid for our redemption is the reason for everything. This has all been for us. All of it. All of human history. Jesus wanted to redeem us and bring us home to be His very own forever.

In The Narrow Path Trilogy, the climactic showdown between good and evil is upon us. The convergence--merging of prophetic signs--is accelerating alarmingly. There are stories of religious persecution and martyrs who refused to renounce Christ. There is a glimpse of what the future may look like under the rule of the Antichrist. Satan is unmasked and shown for the despicable creature he is.

The Return of the King is another favourite chapter. These are some of the messages in this book. Trust God no matter what. The King of kings will return for us--one day--maybe soon. Be strong and courageous knowing this life is a vapor—eternity is at stake. Give your heart and life to God—nothing else matters in comparison.

John the Beloved, exiled on the Isle of Patmos, draws us into the story, telling us of his visions from God of the last days of Earth. He talks about the Whore of Babylon, deceptively beautiful but completely evil. We continue to follow Joshua Ethan Williams and his family as they walk through the dangerous apocalyptic days of the Tribulation.

The chapter about the Millennial Kingdom called, The Lion and the Lamb, was a joy to write. I can't wait for that day when Jesus rules and reigns in righteousness, when there is nothing that will hurt, when the world will finally be at peace. It's going to be amazing.

In Convergence, I describe what I imagine the beauty of Heaven will be like, and what I imagine it will be like when we see Jesus. Here are a few comments from those who read the book. "If this powerful, insightful, inspiring and dystopian novel doesn’t shake you, wake you, and make you seek Truth, I don’t know what will. John 14:6, Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” Deborah Stewart

"The chapter entitled “Deep Darkness” is so profound and prophetic I am blown away. You have captured so much truth in this book." Kim Christopher Bushong

"A very compelling writing style. Once I started it was very difficult to put the book down. It was a unique way to help me make the connection between Revelation and the fictional story. It brought the Biblical story to life." Pastor Rick Wiebe

"Convergence-A Window Into Eternity, presents the truths of the Book of Revelation in a refreshing way that puts the reader uniquely into the future events that the Lord revealed to the Apostle John." Jonathan Brentner

Beyond the nightmare, a time of beauty, peace, and love awaits. And the Spirt and the bride say, Come. (Revelation 22:17) The curtain is being pulled back and Convergence invites you into the drama. Come.

Available on Amazon in paperback and ebook.

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